R.O.L.E. Foundation’s skills center

The ZeroWaste Center is an environmental skills center run by R.O.L.E. Foundation. It’s purpose is to share environmental knowledge & waste management training for local governments, businesses, communities and people, so that they can apply it into their working surroundings and their daily lives. By doing so, the local environment will be improved and the amount of waste ending up in rivers and oceans, or going to landfill will be reduced.

Why we need to act

INDONESIA 2nd BIGGEST POLLUTER IN THE WORLD – Every day, Indonesia produces 130,000 tons of solid and liquid waste. Approximately 50% of this reaches the landfill. The rest is either burned or illegally dumped and bleeds into the ocean. This massive volume of waste entering our oceans and skies threatens any chance of a sustainable future.


WASTE HANDLING – The waste that is collected in Bali ends up at landfills. Because there’s no seperation between organic and non-organic waste, the organic waste (65-80% of the waste) in landfills produce methane gas that is 23 times more potent that CO2. Besides that, when 1 ton of organics is diverted into compost, 1.35 ton of CO2 emissions is prevented from going into the atmosphere.

GOVERNANCE IN BALI – Since 2007, 13 years of experience in waste management programs and projects have shown, that most of the 280 councils (Desa) and 850 sub councils (Banjar) of Bali have few skill sets and knowledge to manage professional waste management services. There are a few exceptions, of course, but this story is very similar across the Archipelago.

LOCAL COMMUNITIES – As there is no waste management system in place, people throw their waste in dry river beds or burn it. We have proven that if rubbish bins and collection services are available, 90% of the people will use them.

CHILDREN AND YOUTH – In the Indonesian schooling system there’s little education about the environment. A change of mindset on waste management is needed, and the best place to start growing awareness is among the young generation. 

R.O.L.E. Foundation’s ZeroWaste programs

ZeroWaste Training

We train companies in Bali and people from the local communities. The purpose of the ZeroWaste Training is to educate people how to safely separate waste, so that each type becomes more valuable as either recycled or upcycled material. 

Kids Environmental Classroom

We teach kids aged 9-15 from public schools in South Kuta to apply environmental principles by examining local problems and finding solutions. The aim is to develop longer-term thinking, so they become more aware of their environmental impact in their communities. 

ZeroWaste Soap

R.O.L.E. Foundation up-cycles used soaps from hotels. Women from the local villages are trained and employed to produce it. The up-cycled soaps are distributed to those in need. As a business in the Bali’s hospitality industry, you can join the ZeroWaste Soap program. 

Latest news

National Waste Care Day 2021: Queen Beach cleanup

Every year, the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry designates a date for the National Waste Care Day. To honor this day, R.O.L.E. Foundation did a cleanup at Queen...

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R.O.L.E. Foundation at Bgreener tourism business networking event

Last Friday January 22nd, R.O.L.E. Foundation attended the Bgreener networking event. Several people from different backgrounds joined both at the event location, Fairfield by...

Volunteering at R.O.L.E. Foundation

From August to November 2020, R.O.L.E had two volunteers, Shaquille and Nanda. They are currently Mechanical Engineering Students in Universitas Udayana. In R.O.L.E Foundation’s...

Update about the Bondalem Waste Project

Since the last ZeroWaste Training in August 2020, many things have positively changed in the Bondalem Integrated Waste Management site (TPST). The waste is being properly...

Beach cleanup at Geger Beach

On 18 December 2020, R.O.L.E. Foundation initiated a beach cleanup at Geger temple and beach area, Nusa Dua. Geger Beach is a well-known surfing spot while the temple, Pura Geger...

ZeroWaste Training in BaliSwim

R.O.L.E Foundation conducted waste management training with BaliSwim, a swimwear and active wear manufacturer in Denpasar on November 17th, 2020. The training modules were Basic...

Introducing ZeroWaste Center

R.O.L.E. Foundation introduces a new name for its eco park ‘Zero Waste to Oceans - Environment and Skills Center’. From now on, it will be called ZeroWaste Center. The ZeroWaste...

Let’s build an herbs spiral!

The permaculture garden of R.O.L.E. Foundation has been thriving so well! Despite the monkeys and cows that sometimes come to enjoy our crops, we keep on building more garden...


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