Monthly Beach Cleanups to Create Awareness

Around 80% of all waste in the ocean comes from land and thus, from us consumers. Currently, Indonesia is number 2 in the list of most marine polluting countries in the world. Every year Indonesia produces 6.8 tons of plastic waste, of which 61% is not collected and disposed of safely, of which 40% ends up in the ocean.

R.O.L.E. Foundation organizes monthly beach cleanups in the south area of Bali. After cleaning the beaches, the collected waste is weighted and brought to the ZeroWaste Center, where it’s cleaned and separated according to the type of plastic and whether it can be recycled or not. The aim is to bring as least as possible to the landfill.

By doing beach cleanups, R.O.L.E. Foundation aims to create awareness about alternative ways of dealing with waste, so that the environment in Bali can be improved. We share this knowledge with local communities, local governments and beach cleaners.

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Sawangan Village Cleanup

On Monday 9 August 2021, R.O.L.E Foundation held a cleanup activity in Sawangan village. We chose this as an alternative to the monthly beach cleanup to respect the PPKM...

Sawangan Beach cleanup

R.O.L.E. Foundation organized this month’s beach cleanup at Sawangan Beach, one of the closest beaches to the ZeroWaste Center. The team with 23 people collected 129.02 kg of non...

Jerman Beach cleanup

On Friday, 28th of May 2021, R.O.L.E. Foundation organized this month’s beach clean up at Jerman Beach. The team with 23 participants collected 33.17 kg of non-organic...

Earth Day 2021: Tanjung Benoa Beach Cleanup

Earth Day, this year on April 22, is an annual event to mark the anniversary of the modern environmental movement. As part of the monthly program and to honor this day, R.O.L.E....

Kelan Beach cleanup 2021

This month, R.O.L.E. Foundation cleaned up Kelan Beach, close to the Ngurah Rai Airport. A total of 25 participants collected 62.3 kg of non-organic waste, while watching the air...

National Waste Care Day 2021: Queen Beach cleanup

Every year, the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry designates a date for the National Waste Care Day. To honor this day, R.O.L.E. Foundation did a cleanup at Queen...

Kedonganan Beach Cleanup to start the year!

On 29 January 2021 morning, R.O.L.E. Foundation held a beach cleanup at Kedonganan Beach, Kedonganan. Due to COVID-19, the participants were limited only to R.O.L.E. Foundation’s...

Beach cleanup at Geger Beach

On 18 December 2020, R.O.L.E. Foundation initiated a beach cleanup at Geger temple and beach area, Nusa Dua. Geger Beach is a well-known surfing spot while the temple, Pura Geger...

Eco Surf Rescue Project: One Island One Voice 2020

This year, R.O.L.E. Foundation joins One Island One Voice annual event, Bali’s Biggest Clean Up. We chose Pura Geger Dalem Pemutih area to be cleaned because it is also one spot...

2020 Kick Off! – Beach Clean Up

To kick off the new year Eco Surf Rescue a program by R.O.L.E. Foundation held a community based clean up, the event was a huge success with over 100 eager participants...

Beach Cleanup Schedule 2021

Saturday 18 September (World Cleanup Day)

Location: Geger Beach

Friday 15 October: Legian Beach

Legian is a suburban and beach area on the west coast of Bali in Indonesia, just north of Kuta and south of Seminyak.

Friday 19 November: Tuban Beach

Tuban Beach is a peaceful beach backed by major hotels. It’s a good spot to chill out as compared to some of the busier beaches near by. The bay is relatively sheltered without much major currents.

Friday 17 December: Dreamland Beach

Dreamland Beach is one of the ‘hidden’ beaches of Bali, offering stretches of white sand secluded by limestone cliffs that line the rugged coastline of the southern Bukit Peninsula.

Play a ROLE and Participate in a Beach Cleanup!

Beach cleanup participants are R.O.L.E. Foundation staff, volunteers and/or interns, and the Bali WISE students, but local community members and other volunteers are always welcome to join us.

If you want to participate in one of the beach cleanups, just leave your name, email address and WA number, so we can contact you with further details.

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